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Ridgid® See SnakeWe have been installing on sight sewage treatment systems for over 30 years. We take great pride in protecting our surrounding streams,rivers and environment. We have  a complete line of most advanced and updated equipment. From backhoe,trac skid loader and trucks,we have it all. We use  RIDGID SEE SNAKE® to inspect the condition and even tell how deep the pipe is.  There are many companies that use chambers or leach pipe drainfields. Even though these systems are approved in some soils, we don't recommend them.  We recommend using sewer rock with perferated pipe in the drain field. These systems have been used for years and rairly fail.  Whether you are installing a new system for a new house or existing house we can do it all. If your system needs repairs we can assist you in this area also. We also make sure you are inform of managing your system after it is installed.

We are certified by Minnesota Polution Control in the following ares.

  • Inspector
  • Desighner  I
  • Desighner  11
  • Installer
  • Pipe Layer

Dear People of VIS.
I've been going to do this thank you for several weeks. Yesterday I was in Lanesboro and stopped by your business to tell you that in person, but no one was there.
Your assistance with my toilet issues was wonderful. I am so grateful to you for your help.
The issue with the toilet doesn't happen anymore, and I can't thank you enough. It works great.
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