Electric Heat Options

For the last 15 years we are proud to have installed Electro-mate warmflo plenium heaters and Thermoloc  boilers.  These are a great way to get use of a cleaner form of energy.  When using one of our electric products with a fossil fuel existing heating unit (natural gas, propane),  you can get a dual fuel rate that is far cheaper to heat your home.  With the fossil fuel market as volitile as it is, one thing that has kept steady is electricity. The patented Electro-Mate® zero-clearance electric conversion system converts your existing natural gas, LP, or oil furnace into a "Dual-fuel" (electric/gas-oil) system. 

Having this ability to use lower cost electric rates and by using the most cost effective heating source available can save you hundreds of dollars off of your heating bills each year.  Thermoloc® electic boilers are a good addition for existing boilers or for new applications.  Wheither it is for hydronic heat or cast iron radiators we have a wide selection to choose from.  With its sleek size and easy installation, it fits in almost any space in the house. 

For more information on electric heating options  or dual fuel options, please contact us. We have the experience and expertise for your application.

Joe O'Koren
We had Vis do all the plumbing and heating work for our home. Vis provided professional and quality workmanship that was outstanding. The warranty on their products and service was honored for three years following the initial installation. I would highly recommend Vis for any plumbing or heating job and would not hesitate to contract with them in the future.

Joe and Jane O'Koren
Lanesboro, Minn.
Church Hill Condominiums
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