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Sewer and Drain Cleaning

At Vis Plumbing and Heating Inc. we have a complete line of drain cleaning equipment. Whether it is a large sewer line from the house or just a small sink drain, we have the solution. Our larger machine (Spartan 2001) will remove roots and debris from the sewer main Our smaller machine (Spartan 100) will clean out hair particles, food particles and other sediment form your sink drains. Our Spartan Jetter machine will cut threw frozen ice in sewer and drain lines along with grease and sand problems.

Ridgid See SnakeĀ®We also have available a RIDGID SEE SNAKE® for sewer lines. We can video tape and inspect the condition of the pipe and determine the problem. The See Snake will locate the line and tell us the depth of the pipe. After we clean you sewer or drains we recommend Bio-Clean waste eliminator for sink drain and RootX for sewer lines. Give us a call to solve all your sewer and drain cleaning problems. Because we all know a good flush is better than a full house, any day.

Joe O'Koren
We had Vis do all the plumbing and heating work for our home. Vis provided professional and quality workmanship that was outstanding. The warranty on their products and service was honored for three years following the initial installation. I would highly recommend Vis for any plumbing or heating job and would not hesitate to contract with them in the future.

Joe and Jane O'Koren
Lanesboro, Minn.
Church Hill Condominiums
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