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Fujitsu Mini SplitsFUJITSU® ductless mini split air conditioning and heat pump units comprise of a indoor unit and a out door compressor unit. We have been installing mini spits for over 15 years with many satisfied customers.

The fact that there is no ductwork the units will loose less than 5% cooling compared to 40% for common ductwork systems. Efficiencies on these units will reach to 26-SEER. This relates to lower utility bills. Several of the FUJITSU® units qualify for the Energy Tax credit and also local utility rebates of $300.00 or more. These units allow the option of individual zoning to heat and cool the areas you want and not the area you are not using.

We have installed these units in a number of well known Bed & Breakfasts right here in Lanesboro where silent operations were a must as well as complete comfort. These units are a great way to retrofit up to central air conditioning. Copper tubing is run through a 3” hole in the wall or ceiling that connects to the outdoor compressor unit. The indoor unit supplies the cool air to your living space.

Window units are noisy, block the view of the window, and are very costly to operate. With the FUJITSU ductless mini split unit we have lowered utility bills up to 30%. Give us a call or stop in our Lanesboro show room and see an operating unit on display. We now you will be very please with these units.

Vis Employees: We would like to Thank You All for always being so prompt to come help us when needed. THANK YOU!

Keith & Norma Koch
Lanesboro, Minn.
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